Thursday, June 4, 2015

D Is for Daddy Play #SpankA-Z

A long time ago, I was listening to Susie Bright's weekly podcast on Audible (and if you are ever going to pay money for a podcast, this is the one to break down for), and she was interviewing one of the grand dames of feminism and sex positivity...I wish I could remember who it was.  The woman was seventy or so, and had a lover who was much younger.  Susie asked if that limited the kind of games the two could play in the bedroom.  "Oh, no," the woman answered.  "We do whatever we want.  He can be doesn't matter."

What a wonderful philosophy.  I love daddy play and daddy doms because there's a wonderful tenderness to that kind of ageplay and dominance.  I think "daddy" is a very powerful concept for a lot of women, and perhaps not for the obvious reasons that would leap to the mind of your average amateur psychologist.  Gertrude Stein once said, "There is too much fathering going on just now and there is no doubt about it fathers are depressing."  But maybe there needs to be more daddying.  

Because, every now and then, who doesn't want to be someone's adorable little kitten, to be petted and praised and soundly spanked when needed?  Daddy will do all those things.  He may be quick to pull you over his knee and strap your bottom, but he's quick, too, to kiss your tears away and promise that you're his good, sweet, precious girl afterwards.  Daddy doesn't skimp on aftercare any more than he skimps on discipline (that other wonderful D!).  That's because the whole idea of a daddy is someone caring and loving.

And being with Daddy is freeing.  You don't make any decisions--you're just his little girl, and you trust your daddy to look after you.  It's a submission that's a little like falling into a warm, fluffy cloud that envelops you entirely.  It's a joyful, liberating surrender with a taboo edge that only adds to the pleasure.

Yup, no doubt about it.  Daddies rock.  And who's my fantasy daddy?  Don Draper from Mad Men.  Just thinking about that is...  Oh my.  Do excuse me.  I have to go fan myself.  Tell me yours in the comments!

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