Wednesday, June 10, 2015

G is for Good Girl #SpankA2Z

I took a few days off this blogging challenge because I was beset with a migraine and a lot of work, but I couldn't let G go past without some recognition because G is for Good Girl, and I absolutely adore good girls.  I know many authors of discipline fiction prefer to take bratty types for their heroines, but to me, a good girl who chooses surrender and discipline is something really lovely.  In her we can see the true submissive heart and all the loveliness it can hold as she gives herself over to her beloved for protection and guidance. 

And as much as I love reading about hard spankings earned for misbehavior (and even good girls mess up sometimes!), I also adore maintenance spankings that are part of the reassurance and structure given to a good girl.  That girl, after all, may crave spankings as an erotic release and form of reconnection with her dominant as much as anyone else, but the very thought of displeasing purposely with bratty behavior would frighten and distress her.  No matter--her loving dominant makes sure she gets what she needs without the emotional baggage that would unsettle her.

And what's more tender and lovely than a sweet girl seated at her beloved's feet, her head leaned against his knee, his hand caressing her hair?  As much as I love the erotic, I love romance too, and that, to me, is the very heart of romance in a power exchange relationship.  Not the spankings and discipline, but the lovely quiet time between the two as she rests against him with affectionate trust and dependency, receiving in turn the gentle attentions she craves just as much as firmer forms of reassurance.

And of course there's nothing to say a good girl can't be very wanton indeed...if that's what her beloved desires from her.

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